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Welcome to the Sooner POA Club

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The Sooner POAC is a non-profit, family-oriented organization dedicated to bringing POA ponies, youth and their families together to enjoy friendly competition in a fun-filled and wholesome atmosphere. Recognizing the problems of raising a family in today's economy, the Sooner POAC strives to offer top-quality shows, yet keep the cost affordable for everyone. We in the Sooner club are glad your family is part of our "family!"

Membership in the Sooner POAC entitles all family members to be eligible for year-end awards. Membership also entitles one or both parents, depending on the type of membership, to voting rights in the club, and to run for office if desired. And membership entitles everyone to enjoy great shows and activities sponsored by the Sooner POAC.

Membership dues are payable on Jan. 1 of each year and run through Dec. 31 of that same year, regardless of the actual date of payment. Dues must be paid for the current year before points begin to accumulate toward year-end awards.

The "big-horse" look and performance ability of the POA has earned it the recognition of horsemen throughout the world, yet its smaller size and wonderful disposition make it the perfect mount for the youth. We in the Sooner POA are very excited about these terrific animals, and we look forward to sharing this excitement with you!

For more information, visit the Official Breed Website for the Pony of the Americas at www.poac.org.